Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping the Fire Burning!

Fireplaces are chameleon-like, changing character to reflect their surroundings. The look of a fireplace is determined with the objects that are arranged on the mantel, the tools that are placed on the hearth, and the color painted on the wall that surrounds it. Whether a fireplace is tucked modestly into a small space, bold and commanding attention, or surrounded by windows, the inviting glow of a fireplace will add presence to any room. Illuminating the glow of the flames, can be enhanced and prolonged with the use of andirons or fireplace grates.

Andirons and fireplace grates, share the same roll in the fireplace, which is to create a more efficient burn. In order for a fire to function properly, it has to be able to breathe. A fire receives the bulk of its oxygen from below, which is the reason for having andirons or fireplace grates.

Andirons, sometimes called fireplace dogs, are paired metal supports used to keep firewood off the hearth floor so that air can circulate beneath the fire. Viewed from the side, andirons are often L-shaped, with the lower portion supported by short legs. Viewing from the front, andirons are highly decorative and may be adorned with emblems or crests. They are often made from iron, brass, or steel. Basically andirons help to keep logs from rolling forward into the living area. More than a century ago, andirons were used to help with cooking in the hearth.

As for fireplace grates, they serve the same purpose as andirons, by supporting firewood and allowing air circulation beneath the fire for maximum burning efficiency. However, grates are more functional than decorative. Usually they are manufactured as ordinary steel or iron grids supported by four short legs. Grates allow you to stack more logs with smaller wood scraps plus kindling. They are designed to be rugged, yet attractive. Grates are available in different widths and depths to accommodate different-size hearths.

The size of your fireplace grate will depend upon how large the fireplace opening is. Some grates are designed for more firewood but usually they will allow between 5-6 medium-sized logs to sit inside. You'll want the length of the grate to be at least 4-6 inches short of the size of the hearth opening so the oxygen can properly feed the fire.

Allow your fireplace to make a presence, be full of movement and take on a life of its own. Enhance the warm glow of the flames with andirons or fireplace grates. These fireplace accessories not only bring an element of craftsmanship but also allow air to freely circulate, encouraging the fire to burn evenly and longer!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's the Purpose of a Fireplace Grate?

Are you looking for a roaring fire? Well, then my next question to you is...Are you using fireplace grate?

Many people have not yet be acquainted with the important role that a fireplace grate plays in maintaining a roaring fire. Fireplace grates are vitally important in helping to keep your fire burning longer. Fireplace grates help to raise your firewood up off the floor of your hearth and allows the air to circulate freely through the firewood. This encourages the fire to burn evenly and helps to keep fumes down to a minimum.

Fireplace grates come in several different materials, but mostly they are made from steel or iron. Steel grates come in different sizes and are built with welded bars. Steel grate designs allow for logs to stay in place and then eventually fall below, which creates a longer lasting fire.

Iron fireplace grates are built a little differently, because they are built with a container-like design. The iron fireplace grate has holes below, which allows the air to flow through the firewood and then passes the heat outside of the fireplace.

As you can see, a fireplace grate not only allows you optimum viewing of your firewood, but it also helps to create that roaring fire you truly deserve! Remember to keep your fire breathing with a fireplace grate!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Woodburing have you down?

Does Your Wood Burning Fireplace Have You Down...CONVERT!

Sometimes a wood burning fireplace can be overwhelming with keeping up with firestarters, fireplace grates, and keeping your fireplace tools close at hand in order to keep your fire roaring. If this is keeping you from using your fireplace, then you should really consider converting your fireplace into an electric fireplace. Don't miss out on the beauty that your fireplace can bring to your home. You can still have that gorgeous roaring fire, without the hassle and headaches that wood may be bringing you.

A fellow blogger, Pinpointe Fireplace Designs, has provided some insightful information that may help you realize that converting your wood burning fireplace to an electric fireplace is easier than you think! Be sure to check it out his blog on converting to an electric fireplace!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ventless Gas Fireplace Guide: Pitfalls of a Ventless Gas Fireplace

Ventless Gas Fireplace Guide: Pitfalls of a Ventless Gas Fireplace

Ventless Gas Fireplaces...

Everyone loves to sit by a roaring fire, it sets a mood and it brings warmth into the home. Do you live in a house that doesn't have a fireplace, but you really wish you had one? The cost and construction that goes into building a fireplace may be too overwhelming for you, but that doesn't mean that your dreams of a fireplace can't become a reality...

After reading a fellow blogger, Ventless Gas Fireplace Guide your hopes for a fireplace are closer than you think. With the development of the modern ventless gas fireplace, anyone can now enjoy the beauty of a toasty fire almost anywhere in their home. These modern units burn much hotter than their vented cousins thanks to high efficiency burners.

Be sure to check out the downfalls and important measures that you should keep in mind when considering a ventless gas fireplace. Fireplace safety should always be a top priority.

Ventless gas fireplaces are a lot less work when it comes to actually building a fire, because you don't need to worry about log carriers, or keeping your logs uplifted with a fireplace grate. You can just start your fire up and enjoy the view!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fires are Like Living Beings...

Fires are like living beings...they are always trying to grow and move. They are always starving for food and oxygen. So, make sure that you always put some extra thought into keeping an eye on your fire in your fireplace.

Don't start a fire and then decide to leave your house, because you may come back and no longer have a home! A fireplace screen will definitely add protection to your home, but the ultimate protection is making sure you keep an eye on your roaring fire!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Safely Buidling a Fire

When starting a fire in your fireplace you want to make sure that you keep fireplace safety a top priority.

1. Make sure you have a fireplace screen to protect your floors, carpets and loved ones from flying embers.

2. Keep the surface in front of your hearth clean and cleared of all items. You want to safely protect your home from any flying embers.

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